While we are proud to have access to professional social workers and adoption networks around New England who we can call on, the cast of characters at our central office includes:


Heather Stultz, LSW, Adoption Partner

Heather is a licensed social worker who has more than 15 years in adoption services, starting her career with a Maine adoption program that took her all the way to Romania to place waiting orphans with American families. Since that time, Heather has become well versed in all aspects of the adoption process from perspectives of both the birth parent and the adoptive families.

Adoption involves a lot of heart – and a lot of paperwork. Heather is adept at navigating the process with clients in a way that makes it seem manageable and personal. She is also passionate about the preservation of adoption records and the ongoing relationships that they represent.

Heather is committed to assisting members of the adoption triad as they navigate their connections with one another throughout each of their lifetimes. Heather has previously served on the board of the former Joint Council on International Children’s Services. Most recently she worked in adoption at Saint Andre Home in Biddeford, Maine, and prior to that at MAPS/Stepping Stones in Portland, Maine.


Penny Collins, LMSW, Adoption Partner

Penny is a licensed master social worker focused on in-home services for prospective adoptive families. She writes the majority of Adoption Partner home studies, provides post-placement supervision, matches families with birth parents, and provides support from intake through adoption finalization. Her social work background is focused on the mental and social health of women, children, and families. She has spent time working with teen parents in supported parenting; adoptive families; and pregnant and postpartum women receiving inpatient treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction.

Penny is passionate about access to open, judgement free support for women. She has conducted and supported research for a variety of projects at the University of Southern Maine, including work at the Muskie Institute for the federal Violence Against Women Act and Maine’s Victims of Violence education. She is committed to brain-based, trauma informed services and education for adoptive families and birth parents.

Penny has served as a support group facilitator and the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Portland (Maine) affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She most recently managed the adoption program at Saint Andre Home in Biddeford, Maine, before their closure.


Sue Lobosco, LCSW, Adoption Navigators

Sue Lobosco, LICSWAdoption Partners of Maine is honored to partner with Sue Lobosco, LCSW, of Adoption Navigators, as our birth parent counselor. Sue has more than 30 years of experience working with birth parents, and is a tireless advocate for birth parent rights. Sue is warm, approachable, and has an open heart for all her clients. She is aware of the issues most birth parents face, and has a wealth of resources. Sue has served as an educator to medical professionals, schools, clinics, hospitals, and social service agencies on issues surrounding adoption and how to best support those considering adoption. Sue stays connected with her clients from the first phone call right through to helping birth parents navigate their transition following an adoption placement.

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