Adoption creates a thread. This thread is woven across time and space, creating connections between people they may not even know exist. As the social landscape around adoption changed over the years, adoption has become much more open and celebrated. At the same time, those involved in an adoption plan need to consider their own personal needs, and may or may not wish to stay in contact with one another. Adoption Partners offers services to help protect, maintain, and create connections and information. We are here to help with:


Post Adoption Communication
Some adoption plans include structured and supported communication over the course of the adoptee’s childhood. This may mean that communication between birth and adoptive families takes place through a licensed agency. Adoption Partners is here to facilitate communication between the women and families we work with, if so desired. We are also able to take on clients who have created an adoption plan in the past, but who require support in continuing their contact, due to an agency closure, move, or other change that necessitates a new agency. It is not unusual for our families to send updates to birth mothers in semi-open adoptions once or twice a year until the child is 18.


Search and Reunion Services
Adoption Partners takes our commitment to serve birth mothers in Maine very seriously. If you have placed a child for adoption in Maine at any point in your life, regardless of how long ago – we may be able to help you find and make contact with those adoptees. We currently maintain case files for some Maine agencies who have closed their adoption programs, and have access to files dating back to 1940. While we can’t always connect everyone we seek, we can help you if you wish to consider initiating contact. These services are available at an hourly rate for adoptees and adoptive family members, and are always free for birth parents.

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