If you are a medical or social service provider, we welcome your partnership and referrals in serving Maine women and families! If you are working with a client who is facing an unplanned pregnancy, we can provide support and information at any point in the pregnancy, including at or after birth.

Our Expectant Parent Services
Pregnant clients of Adoption Partners are supported throughout their journey – including sourcing outside referrals that support a woman’s decision to parent her child, terminate a pregnancy, or make private family arrangements. Our staff are all trained, trauma-informed social workers who understand that most women experiencing a crisis or unplanned pregnancy are typically also managing other life events, traumas, and struggles that require significant support. Our birthparent counselor, Sue Lobosco, is an LCSW with more than 30 years of adoption experience, and is a fantastic resource. Services to expectant women and birth mothers are always free, regardless of their end decision.

Our staff is flexible and responsive, and referrals happen in a number of ways. When we get a call from a referral source we will offer the following options:

  • Meeting the client at your clinic, hospital, or office
  • Meeting the client at a place of her choosing
  • Provide our contact information and wait for client contact
  • Take client contact information and reach out directly

You can read explore more about expectant parents here. We are also happy to supply your office or practice with business cards and brochures to make available for women who are considering their options.

Training and Education
Talking about adoption with expectant women can feel like overwhelming, delicate work. Our staff always welcomes opportunities to connect with care providers and provide education on adoption and how to talk about it. When a woman is facing a crisis pregnancy, her options will vary depending on her life circumstances and her wishes. Our staff can educate your staff on the following topics:

  • What does adoption as an option look like?
  • Talking about pregnancy options without judgement or leading a client
  • The difference between private adoptions, state DHS adoptions, and agency adoptions
  • Ethics in adoption and treatment of expectant women who consider making an adoption plan

Our Adoptive Families
Some providers may also refer families seeking to adopt to our agency. We are licensed to provide home study services and place infants with qualified families. Families often come to us following infertility treatments, pregnancy or infant loss, or have an existing desire to adopt.

Our adoptive families are well educated on the realities of adoption, and the hard work that is done by all members of the adoption triad. While we offer home study services to clients throughout Maine, we only accept prospective adoptive parents into our placing program who prove to be resilient, understanding of the realities facing our expectant clients, and who are open to meaningful contact with birth parents.

You can read more about the adoptive process from a family perspective here. We are also happy to supply your office or practice with business cards and brochures to make available for families who are considering adoption.

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