Infant Placement Program

Adoption Partners of Maine is committed to matching waiting families with domestic infant placements that serve the best interests of all members of the adoption triad – the family, the child, and the birth parents. Adoptive parents who chose our placement program will receive personalized care from their social worker from the creation of their profile right through to the finalization of their child’s adoption. In our services to the adoptive family piece of the triad, we commit to providing a transparent, affordable, and honest partnership.

Waiting for a domestic adoption match can be difficult, and there are highs and lows on most journeys. Adoption Partners believes that honest communication in the placement process is an important part of adoption ethics. Domestic adoptions typically carry a variety of legal risk and wait times. A family may be matched with a birth mother who has months left in her pregnancy and who wishes to have a great deal of contact, or they may receive a call unexpectedly that an infant has been born and is ready for immediate placement. Adoption Partners stays in close contact with our families and is prepared to help you navigate all the scenarios that develop during the matching and placement process.

How do we get matched with a child?

After your home study is completed, you will complete a profile or dossier and be ready to be matched with a child. Wait times vary depending on which program you chose to adopt from. Profiles are shared with potential birth parents as requested by our clients or partnered agencies, and families may be asked to meet with a birth mother as she makes her choice.

When you accept a match or child referral, you’ll then wait for the birth of the baby or a travel date if you are adopting out of state or through an international program. In all adoptions we know the waiting is difficult – especially when you’re waiting for someone so important. Your social worker and case manager understand your feelings and will be there to provide any support you may need.

Clients in Adoption Partners can count on our support in the hospital when your match is local. We are there to partner with you as you navigate taking placement of your child, the paperwork, and the legal steps moving forward. Should our clients take placement in a state other than Maine, we will help with the paperwork involved in traveling home with your child, and coordinating post placement requirements and adoption finalization with any other agency involved.

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