Post Placement Support

Your child is home! During the months following your placement, your social worker will visit you to make sure that your family is adjusting well. These visits are required by law, and are in place to answer any questions, provide support services, and walk you through the post placement process.

Post-placement visits are required for both domestic and international adoptions and they must be completed prior to the finalization process. Depending on the state, country, and/or program you adopt through, a certain number of post-placement visits will be required. These visits vary in number, but typically require between three and six visits and reports. These visits also give you a chance to ask questions, share concerns, and show off your child!

Adopting through Adoption Partners means becoming part of a lifelong support network. Your social worker will conduct and write your post placement reports, and your case worker will ensure reports and required documents are routed to the proper agency. We also help families to network with each other through local events and will always be available to serve as your primary resource for adoption support.

Adoption Partners provides post placement supervision for children placed through our program as well as for clients who have an outside placing agency. We are also open to taking transfer clients who need post placement services for an existing adoption. If you need post placement services, please give us a call at 888-635-6935 or email us at

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